Welcome to PHARA

Welcome to Pender Harbour and Area Residents Association (PHARA), previously known as Pender Harbour Advisory Council (PHAC), serving the residents and communities on the Sunshine Coast of BC from Middlepoint to Earls Cove/Egmont since 2013.

On February 4, 2019 a special meeting was held to vote on the community association name change from Pender Harbour Advisory Council (PHAC) to Pender Harbour and Area Residents Association (PHARA) to better reflect the focus, purpose and growth of the Association.

PHARA is a volunteer organization which exists to support the vitality of the communities’ of Pender Harbour and Egmont areas as excellent places to live, work and play for residents and visitors. The Association provides a structure that allows residents to identify issues of broad community concern and have them effectively addressed.

The Association draws its main funding from a $10. membership per person per year, or $100 for a lifetime membership fee.  It saw a surge in growth as it moved into its expanded mandate but is looking to include more of the residents in the area. To join please go to our Join Us! section at the top of the website

PHARA is involved in the community in many ways, with committees dealing with derelict boats, cleaning local waters of debris, the annual trash bash, beach access signage, community volunteer awards, the installation of No Wake signs in the harbour and much more. We invite community input into other projects we should take on as an association. To do this join our discussion pages on the right-hand side of this page.

The Association recently added the Pender Harbour Dock Management Plan (DMP) Working Group as a committee. The purpose of this relationship is to give the DMP Working Group a parent organization with a broader base of membership in the community, as they continue to focus on how to best deal with issues related to docks in the Harbour.  For more information on the DMP Working Group, click here.